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Legal compliance

Legal makes up of accounting and we mentioned tax advisory operations below:

  • A E Y Accounting is among the top accounting companies in Dubai, hence look after your company accounting and bookkeeping in the UAE. 
  • The UAE Commercial Companies Law no 2of 2015 demands all firms implement international accounting standards. It is essential at the time of establishing accounts. In many of the free zones of Dubai, firms must maintain their accounts. Therefore, they must get the audit done from an approved audit firm in UAE.
  • According to Federal Law No 7 of 2017, it is obligatory to keep accounting records and books on tax procedures. Henceforth, they must have held it for (5) five years after the tax period. They relate to the case of a taxable entity.

How can A E Y Accounting LLC help?

Firstly, record keeping and reconciling prior records is a time taking and hectic procedure. 

Secondly, maintaining the book of accounts from the company’s start plays a significant role in your business. 

Thirdly, we are among the leading accounting service provider in Dubai. Hence, we are in your deliberate services to provide substantial bookkeeping services in Dubai therefore, maintaining the book of accounts professionally. 

Furthermore, we will go above all to achieve your goals, hence, making your business significantly better. 

Moreover, we will facilitate you, and as a result, you can reach your business towards 5star.

We are always ahead to provide best accounting services to you.

Main Elements of Accounting and Bookkeeping in the UAE

  • Firstly, extraction of the monthly income statement and balance sheet
  • Secondly, extraction of monthly expenses report
  • General Ledger Reconciliations
  • Top 10 Comprehensive Financial Reports (operational & financial ratios and many others)
  • Data file backup and storage
  • Bank-level security
    • Gratuity calculation as per UAE labor laws
  • Moreover, presentation of Weekly Bank reconciliation Statement
  • Set Up Payroll System
  • Reviewing and processing payroll too
  • Accounts payables reconciliations
  • Accounts receivables reconciliations
  • Aged Receivables Management (debtors)
  • Aged Payables Management (creditors)
  • Financial write-up services

Scope of Accounting and Bookkeeping in the UAE

  • Firstly, accounting of financial transactions according to rules discussed in the IFRS and International Accounting Standards
  • Secondly, bookkeeping of financial transfers.
  • Thirdly, record and maintain daily accounting transactions of payments, sales, purchases, receipts, and other expenses.
  • Further, prepare, maintain and update fixed asset register according to standards
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • Record of payroll data according to the requirement
  • Scrutinize all ledger accounts regularly
  • Moreover, regular posting of journal entries, creating month-end closing and provisions.
  • Prepare monthly trial balance coupled with final accounts, including profit and loss.
  • Financial statements on a quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis
  • Above all, preparation of management information reports whenever needed

Other Elements of Accounting and Bookkeeping in the UAE

  • Firstly, setup of the accounting system
  • Secondly, setting up of Chart of Accounts
  • Further, recording of business transactions, including sales, purchases, journals, etc.
  • Allocation of payments & receipts to match invoices
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • Moreover, matching tickets and expenses with credit cards and bank statements.
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Co-ordination with Auditor for Financial Statements Audit
  • Moreover, preparation of year-end audit schedules and reports
  • Further, financial statements on a quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis
  • Preparation of year-end working papers, reconciling balance sheet items, posting of adjusting entries, year-end accruals, allowance for doubtful debts, etc. hence, ensuring quick completion of the audit
  • Budgeting and forecasting too
  • Extraction of monthly Management Reports
  • Monthly review of your accounts by a professionally qualified Partner
  • Monthly presentation of funds to help you significantly understand your business
  • Reconciliation of any end of year amendments required by external auditors
  • Monthly Management Report highlighting the critical areas of improvement, including places to improve business efficiency
  • Co-ordination with Accountant (in case of a partially outsourced bookkeeping service)
  • Break-even Analysis (if requested)
  • Ratios Analysis
  • Any other report on request, e.g., projected cash flows report
  • Above all, fantastic customer support

A E Y Accounting LLC

A E Y accounting is offering effective accounting services in Dubai and Advisory services implicating financial record maintenance and customer support.


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