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VAT filing in UAE is compulsory for all the businesses paying tax to the government. Whenever companies have applied for VAT registration, the businesses, as a result, will get the tax registration number.

When should a taxable entity file a VAT return in the UAE?

Any taxable person in UAE must file the VAT return regularly. According to the VAT law in UAE, the taxable entity also needs to pay the due tax amount. Therefore, they must submit the tax to the tax authority in the crucial period. Once the specific tax period ends, making payment regarding VAT is 28 days.

VAT registration in UAE documentation

How can we assist in VAT filing?

A E Y Accounting LLC will significantly assist you regarding VAT filing in UAE by doing the below:

  • Firstly, we will regularly visit your premises to gather the data and records for filing VAT. Once the tax period ends, our team will prepare and submit the tax return on your behalf.
  • Secondly, our experts will deliver you the advice and guidance. According to VAT law, it related them to the payment of tax liability.
  • Thirdly, we ensure that your return gets filed within the particular period demanded by the FTA.
  • Further, we will perform proper and effective tax planning for the client company.
  • Above all, we review so that we can assure 100% accuracy. Meantime, our efforts are to get 0% errors that make us among the top VAT consultancy in Dubai.

We are always ahead to provide best accounting services to you.

How to file VAT return in UAE

Any entity paying tax in the UAE can go with VA filing in UAE. It can use the online portal available on the FTA website. 

Firstly, the person filing the tax return must access the form VAT201 by logging into the e-services of the FTA online portal. 

Further, enter your respective username, email address, and password. 

Our significant professional teams would facilitate you in accomplishing the complete form. 

We also help file the return with the specified date by the FTA.

Regarding output and input tax, the addition of the below content in the Form VAT201

Input Tax

  • The tax levied on ordinary rated expenses.
  • Tax levied on the standard rated purchase of goods.
  • Tax levied on goods purchased outside the UAE.

Output Tax

  • 5% Tax liability on standard rated supplies
  • Tax liability on purchased goods from outside the UAE via customs
  • Tax liability on rendered services outside of the UAE
  • It creates a tax on goods too, that are imported to the UAE on which no tax liability
  • Tax refunds made available to persons touring the country.

What data is required by the taxable entity in the VAT filing?

A taxable entity needs to deliver the below information:

  • Firstly, the VAT return filing in UAE provides information about the tax due or refundable amount for a specific tax period.
  • Furthermore, the taxable person must provide data regarding the output tax payable. 
  • Moreover, it must be the input cover available against the output tax.
  • Output tax of an entity increases its input tax because of any reason? Here, the company is liable to pay the increased amount of tax to the authority.
  • If the entity’s input tax exceeds its output tax, as a result, the exceeding amount is to be refunded to the company by the authority.
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