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VAT Registration

What is VAT in UAE? VAT registration in UAE under the VAT law means that the government recognizes the organization as a supplier of services. Moreover, it also allows collecting VAT from consumers and sending it further to the government.
The government of UAE has implemented VAT from January 1, 2018. It is an online process in the UAE. Therefore, the one who wants this registration can visit the FTA. It can start the process.
Many significant perspectives are required to consider while proceeding with the VAT registration process in UAE.

VAT registration in UAE
VAT registration in UAE documentation

Documents that are required to be provided for VAT Registration by the FTA:

  • Incorporation certificate of the company
  •  Power of attorney (if there is any)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of Company
  • Copy of trade license of the company
  • Copy of Emirates ID of the allowed signatory
  • Financial Statements/ audit report / annual turnover detail
  • Copy of the allowed signatory’s passport too
  • Supporting documents relating to customs registration (if applicable)

Data that is needed to submit to the Authority of VAT registration in the UAE:

  • Firstly, details regarding the business activities
  • Secondly, projected turnover for the next 30 days
  • Thirdly, turnover details of last 12 months coupled with invoices to assist the delivered detailing
  • Moreover, the calculated value of exports for one year to each GCC member state
  • Furthermore, either the entity is expected to conduct Business with GCC suppliers or customers
  • Above all, details regarding the bank account.

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VAT registration in UAE process

Registration for VAT as a tax group

Many of the companies in the UAE operate business activities with multiple trade licenses. Most of the time, companies registered to run Businesses in different parts of the UAE. It also registered them with various potential associations or government authorities. As a result, they form a VAT group.
The companies wanting to register as a VAT Group must satisfy the below conditions:

• Firstly, there must be a head office, representative office, or branch office to its tax VAT group. They must have a license in the UAE.
• Secondly, it must associate the companies to the VAT Tax group with each other.
• Further, they must establish the structure of the VAT group so that each person or over one controls all the other group entities.
A company does not have shareholders in all other firms of the group? However, still, has control over other companies through power of attorney? In this case, they would classify each person as a related party of those companies for VAT group purposes. Hence, it can operate for the VAT Group option.

Important considering factors when
providing bank detailing for VAT registration in UAE

If a company is registering for VAT as a standalone, you can provide your bank accounts in the UAE. The attributes must contain bank name, name of the branch, account title, etc.
Two or more companies want VAT registration in UAE? Bank account details of one of the two entities would be enough for VAT registration. The details of a bank account are required to provide to the authority of the Tax group representative.

Is it mandatory to submit VAT registration in Arabic, or can they also Use English?

They can also apply for VAT registration in English. However, the application will require submitting the three columns of the application form in Arabic. The data in Arabic include below information:
1. Company name
2. Manager name
3. Authorized signatory’s name

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